Koning-Ridder Family Tree

I am endeavoring to add the current generations to the Koning-Ridder family tree.

I would love it if you would locate yourself on the attached pdf and provide information you notice is missing, such as birthdates, siblings, spouses, marriage dates, divorces, children….

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Cathy was born into a construction family, so it’s only natural that she loves to build.  Over the years, she was promoted from sweeping the floors in newly-built houses to hanging and mudding drywall to painting walls and trim to wheelbarrowing dirt to digging post holes to changing sump pumps to. . .

Along the way, she developed a love for growing flowers and vegetables, for getting her hands dirty while making yards beautiful.  Cathy completed the Master Gardener program, where knowledge, networking, and volunteering go hand-in-hand.

Cathy grew up in Farmington Hills, MI.  She graduated from Clarenceville High School.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.

After many years doing computer software support and testing in Holland, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor, Cathy has settled into Saline, Michigan.

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